Applications must be received no later than Friday 27th July 2012.

Selected guitarists and bassists will be notified by or before Friday 3rd August 2012.

Requirements for performing in A Crimson Grail:

  1. It is necessary to be a competent guitarist with at least a rudimentary comprehension of standard musical notation. A bit of basic music reading is involved to be able to perform A Crimson Grail. All musicians participating in A Crimson Grail. will be assigned to one of four sections, each of which will have their parts provided in simple written notation and textual instructions, and explained by section leaders.
  2. You must be able to commit to attending all three rehearsals in full. Rehearsals will be held at a location in Liverpool city centre which will be announced at a later date, tentatively scheduled for the evenings of Tuesday 11th September, Wednesday 12th September, and Thursday 13th September.
  3. This may sound obvious, but you must be able to commit to attending a day-long rehearsal/soundcheck and the performance on Friday 14th September. The approximate performance time for A Crimson Grail. is 8:15pm, doors 7:30pm. There will be set up, final rehearsal and soundcheck prior to the performance time, hence the full day commitment.
  4. Each guitarist must bring his or her own equipment for all rehearsals and performance. This must include:
    • electric guitar or bass of good quality that stays in tune
    • good quality amp with a clean non-distorted sound
    • instrument cable (6 meter / 20 foot minimum)
    • guitar strap
    • digital guitar tuner
    • guitar stand
    • string changer

    At the composer's request, you will need to re-string your guitar with strings that will be specially provided to you by the event producers during the first rehearsal.

    Please note the following restrictions:
    • No acoustic guitars.
    • No hollow body electrics.
    • No vibrato or whammy bars.
  5. No beginners, sorry. Professional and semi-professional musicians will be given preference over amateurs.
  6. This is an all-volunteer event. Due to the size and scale of the event, there are no fees or expense reimbursements for participating guitarists.

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